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What we Do

Innovate Raleigh is a not-for-profit 501(c)3 charitable organization committed to making our region the top center for innovation and entrepreneurship in the nation.

We support a strong and vibrant community by bringing together key stakeholders within our ecosystem—entrepreneurs, investors, and supporting organizations.

Our main focus is to connect entrepreneurs to three core elements to fuel their growth—funding, talent, and opportunities.

Our organization approaches its mission with an emphasis on diversity and inclusion, fostering entrepreneurship within our underserved communities while connecting to the broader entrepreneurial communities in neighboring cities.


Our RooTs

Innovate Raleigh was established in 2011 by former City of Raleigh Councilwoman Mary-Ann Baldwin and Dr. Terri Lomax, then Vice Chancellor for Research, Innovation, and Economic Development at NC State University. Innovate Raleigh quickly became a tool used to harness the robust entrepreneurial and business innovation community that had just begun to gain momentum. Important initiatives were developed from our early work, like devising the concept of HQ Raleigh and brokering a direct flight from RDU to SFO.

In 2017, Innovate Raleigh entered into a strategic partnership with the Greater Raleigh Chamber of Commerce.  The complementary partnership aligns the Chamber's mission to build a thriving economy with Innovate Raleigh’s goal to foster entrepreneurial growth. 


Who we are

Bridget Harrington, Executive Director


Dr. Sarah Glova | Director of Growth & Communications, RIoT

Dr. Terri Lomax | Co-founder, Innovate Raleigh

Derrick Minor | Manager People Operations, K4 Connect

Karl Rectanus | Co-founder & CEO, Lea(R)n

William Spruill | Co-Founder, Global Data Consortium

Lewis Sheats | Assistant Vice Provost & Executive Director, NC State Entrepreneurship Clinic

Anita Watkins | Director of Rex Strategic Innovations, Rex Health Ventures

Jason Widen | Co-founder + Executive Director, HQ Raleigh



Megan Anderson | Sustainability Manager, City of Raleigh
Mary-Ann Baldwin | VP/Executive Director, Holt Brothers Inc. / Holt Brothers Foundation
Will Barfield | President & CEO, Barfield Revenue Consulting
Emily Diaz | Director, Customer Onboarding & Relationships, 15Five
Robert Doreauk | Regional Director - External Affairs, AT&T
Gary Greene | President & CEO, Greene Resources
Ravila Gupta | President & CEO, Council for Entrepreneurial Development
Michael Haley | Executive Director, Wake County Economic Development
Owen Jordan | Creative Director | Jubala Coffee
Sharat Nagaraj | President & CEO,
Todd Spain | Chief Instigator, Native Lane
Stacey Rodriguez | District Manager, Wells Fargo
Sean Patrick Tario | Founder & CEO, Open Spectrum