Innovate Raleigh's Meet the Candidates Event


A Raleigh city council and mayoral candidate forum organized by Innovate Raleigh on Aug. 15 gave Raleighites a chance to hear from the large number of candidates for the municipal election on Oct. 8. 24 of the 27 candidates who are running for office attended the forum.

Raleigh voters will decide on Oct. 8 which city council candidates will represent them for the next two-year term. 


Raleigh residents will vote for mayor, two at-large council seats and for the representative for their district. Find voter information here.


The forum, in partnership with the Raleigh Chamber of Commerce, split the field into groups by district candidates, at-large candidates and mayoral candidates. In a packed morning event, the candidates each gave a short opening. 


Moderator H. Wade Minter then fielded questions from a crowdsourced list by Innovate Raleigh and from the audience at Pendo, a Raleigh-grown business.


More coverage of questions answered at the event is available at


See the list of Innovate Raleigh crowd-sourced questions answered by some of the candidates by clicking here:

This list will be updated as more questionnaires are returned.

Have additional questions for the candidates? Send your questions to for potential inclusion in the Raleigh Convergence candidates’ questionnaire by the end of August.  Questions will be sent to candidates and posted at before early voting begins in September.

Guest Author: Sarah Day Owen Wiskirchen, Editor & Publisher of Raleigh Convergence and Founder of Minerva Media Co.

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