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The Innovate Raleigh Summit 2019

will be held on October 3, 2019

at Union Station in Downtown Raleigh

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Innovate Raleigh Summit 2019


Now in its eighth year, the Innovate Raleigh Summit convenes a diverse group of entrepreneurs, business leaders, and engaged citizens from across our region for a conversation about the most important elements that will contribute to our community’s success .  

This year, we will take a close look at how global trends like climate change, population growth, the urban-rural divide, and AI will impact our region over the next 30 years. We will explore topics like the future of entrepreneurship, equitable economic development, transportation, and sustainable development. These are areas in which strong, forward-thinking leadership and innovative thinking are paramount to our community’s success.

The Summit will serve as a catalyst for ideas for our innovation community and will connect to the work of our partners in government, academia, and in the private sector.