Who we are

Bridget Harrington, Executive Director


Dr. Sarah Glova | Director of Growth & Communications, RIoT

Dr. Terri Lomax | Co-founder, Innovate Raleigh

Derrick Minor | Manager People Operations, K4 Connect

Karl Rectanus | Co-founder & CEO, Lea(R)n

William Spruill | Co-Founder, Global Data Consortium

Lewis Sheats | Assistant Vice Provost & Executive Director, NC State Entrepreneurship Clinic

Anita Watkins | Director of Rex Strategic Innovations, Rex Health Ventures

Jason Widen | Co-founder + Executive Director, HQ Raleigh



Megan Anderson | Sustainability Manager, City of Raleigh
Mary-Ann Baldwin | VP/Executive Director, Holt Brothers Inc. / Holt Brothers Foundation
Will Barfield | President & CEO, Barfield Revenue Consulting
Emily Diaz | Director, Customer Onboarding & Relationships, 15Five
Robert Doreauk | Regional Director - External Affairs, AT&T
Gary Greene | President & CEO, Greene Resources
Ravila Gupta | President & CEO, Council for Entrepreneurial Development
Michael Haley | Executive Director, Wake County Economic Development
Owen Jordan | Creative Director | Jubala Coffee
Sharat Nagaraj | President & CEO, Celito.net
Todd Spain | Chief Instigator, Native Lane
Stacey Rodriguez | District Manager, Wells Fargo
Sean Patrick Tario | Founder & CEO, Open Spectrum